Track Record

6N Silicon logo

6N Silicon - developer of solar grade silicon purification technology. Acquired by Calisolar Inc.

Activplant Corporation - develops web-based software that gathers, analyzes and reports data from manufacturing plant floor equipment. Acquired by CDC Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CDCS).

Aegis Mobility - Aegis Mobility is an innovative wireless services company empowering the next generation of location based services.

Angiotech Pharmaceuticals - new treatments for chronic inflammatory and angiogenesis-dependent diseases. Lead products involve the reformulation of paclitaxel for novel uses.

Angstrom Power

Angstrom Power - developer of micro-structured fuel cells targeting a variety of applications. Acquired by BIC Group.

AstroPower Inc. - polycrystalline thin film silicon photovoltaic cells.

ATMOS Corp. - develops design automation tools for embedded semiconductor memory solutions for System-on-a-Chip designs. Acquired by MoSys Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY).

AudeSi Technologies Inc. - java-based technology for appliances that support emerging multi-application Internet access devices. Acquired by Wind River Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND).

Avantas Networks Corp. - designs & manufactures fiber optic test instruments for global service providers and Telecom equipment manufacturers. Acquired by EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF).

Avotus Corp. - (formerly MDR Switchview) telemanagement and call centre software that helps companies optimize their telecom switching and networking resources.

Ballard Power Systems - zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for use in transportation, electricity generation and portable products. (TSX: BLD, NASDAQ: BLDP)

Belair Networks - BelAir Networks builds carrier-grade wireless mesh network equipment that delivers high-speed Internet access to cable operators, cellular service providers, government agencies and other service providers. Acquired by Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC, OMX: ERIC A, ERIC B).

Caprion - Caprion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing pharmaceutical products in the areas of infectious disease and oncology.

Chancery - provides K-12 information management systems and learning communities for districts, schools & homes. Acquired by Pearson.

Chantry Networks - Chantry Networks is an early stage developer of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) infrastructure products. Acquired by Siemens (NYSE: SI).


Consumers Software Inc. - spreadsheet add-ins & electronic mail software.
Acquired by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Convedia Corp. - Convedia is a leading supplier of media servers which enable communication service providers to rapidly deliver innovative and differentiated voice and video services. Acquired by RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS).

Dabble DB - Dabble DB has created a hosted product for the online storage, sharing and manipulation of data. Aquired by Twitter.

DataBeacon - Java based decision support and business intelligence tools that enable access to, and analysis of, multi-dimensional data over the web.
Acquired by Cognos Inc. (NASDAQ: COGN, TSX: CSN).


Emissary Systems - Communications software to enable PC's to communicate among themselves. Acquired by Attachmate.

Epic Data Inc. - Data collection software, devices and systems for large companies. (TSX: EKD)

EQO Communications - EQO has developed a mobile service platform that keeps people connected to their online communities and instant messaging networks from their mobile phones.

Fincentric Corp. - Provides technology and services solutions that help financial institutions automate key business processes to drive operational efficiencies, increase revenues and customer satisfaction. Acquired by Open Solutions Inc.

Flo Network Inc. - Application Service Provider in the online direct marketing space with a focus on delivering high-volume, targeted permission-based email messages. Acquired by Double-Click (NASDAQ: DCLK).

Fortiva - Fortiva is the leading provider of on-demand email archiving solutions for legal discovery, regulatory compliance and email storage management. Acquired by Proofpoint (NASDAQ: PFPT).

GaleForce Solutions - GaleForce provides CRM solutions exclusively tailored to the financial services industry. They enable organizations to increase customer retention and profitability while also reducing internal operational costs.

GeoTrain Corp. - Authorized training partner for Cisco Systems and inter-networking consulting company. Acquired by Global Knowledge Network Inc.

Greenlight Power - Supplier and developer of testing and diagnostic equipment to the fuel cell industry. Acquired by Hydrogenics Corp. (TSX: HYG, NASDAQ: HYGS).

INEA Corp. - Analytics application suite that delivers a single integrated platform for business performance and profitability management across an enterprise. Acquired by Cartesis Group.

Innova Inc. - dental implant technology. (TSX: IVO)

InSystems Technologies Inc. - document automation solutions for financial services organizations where document integrity is critical. Acquired by Standard Register (NYSE: SR).

Inverpower Controls Ltd. - power electronics and controls for medium to high voltage industrial applications. Acquired by Satcon Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: SATC).


ITA Inverse Theory & Applications Inc. - seismic information processing software. Acquired by Landmark Graphics.

Jaldi Semiconductor Corp. - advanced technologies for the digital video market. Acquired by Pixelworks Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW).

Kinetek Pharmaceuticals Inc. - novel compounds to be used to treat chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes - focus on protein kinases, the critical family of enzymes that control cell signal transduction. Acquired by QLT Inc. (NASDAQ: QLTI, TSX: QLT).

LinkAge Software Inc. - computer software that unifies diverse e-mail messaging applications and provides directory synchronization and management services. Acquired by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).


MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. - geo-information, aviation & defense software and systems with special emphasis on Landsat ground stations. Public listing in 1994. Acquired by Orbital Sciences (NYSE:ORB). Currently public (TSX:MDA).

Marqui - A provider of content management delivered as an online service.


MDI Mobile Data International Inc. - mobile data systems for dispatched vehicle fleets. Acquired by Motorola (NYSE: MOT).

MediaSeek Technologies Inc. - internet based products that help customers match resources, curriculum and educational standards to specific learning needs and interests. Acquired by


Meiogenics Inc. - DNA probe amplification for clinical diagnosis. Acquired by ID Biomedical Corp. (NASDAQ: IDBE).


MDI Mobile Data International Inc. - mobile data systems for dispatched vehicle fleets. Acquired by Motorola (NYSE: MOT).

Mobile Computing Corp. - on-board wireless communications systems that enable large fleet operators to monitor vehicle activity and manage operations more efficiently. (TSX: MBL)


Modatech Systems Inc. - sales force automation software. (VSE, NASDAQ).

NCompass Labs Inc. - enterprise Web content management software for the Microsoft platform. Acquired by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT).


Nexus Engineering Ltd. - cable and broadcast head end systems. Acquired by Scientific-Atlanta (NYSE: SFA).


Norian Corporation - Artificial bone fillers. Acquired by Synthes-Stratec, Inc.

Novadaq Technologies

Novadaq Technologies - Novadaq develops and commercializes medical devices based on its proprietary imaging platform for the diagnosis and treatment of human vascular and ophthalmic diseases and conditions. (TSX: NDQ)

Novatel Wireless Inc. - wireless Internet solutions that provide access to mission-critical information in both fixed and mobile environments. (NASDAQ: NVTL)

NUVO Network Management Inc. - provides remote management and protection of IT infrastructures for businesses worldwide to maximize the availability of their computing infrastructure. Acquired by Versata Enterprises.

OctigaBay Systems Corp. - The company developed an innovative high performance computing (HPC) system. Acquired by Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY).

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. - clinical-stage biotechnology company developing targeted therapeutics for cancer.

Pivotal Corp. - eCustomer Relationship Management (eCRM) solutions that manage marketing, sales and service relationships between employees, business partners and customers on Internet Relationship Hubs. (NASDAQ: PVTL, TSX: PVT)

Plazmic Inc. - graphics and media technologies that enable the creation and deployment of rich media across platforms and devices that use Java technology. Acquired by Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM, TSX: RIM).

PolyFuel Inc. - developer of a direct methanol fuel cell for mobile applications.

QuestAir logo

QuestAir Technologies Inc. - advanced gas separation systems incorporating rapid-cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). (AIM: QAR, TSX: QAR)

quic logo

QuIC Financial Technologies - QuIC sets a new standard for performance in pricing, risk management and financial analytics with an extremely fast vector based calculation & simulation platform and associated tools that deliver an unparalleled combination of speed, flexibility, scalability and interoperability with in-house and partner systems. Acquired by Markit Group Limited.

QuickPlay Media

QuickPlay Media - QuickPlay provides content management and service delivery solutions for mobile television and video services. Acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners.

RapidMind - RapidMind provides a development and runtime platform that enables software organizations to fully exploit the parallel power of multi-core and stream processors, including Intel and AMD CPUs, GPUs and the Cell BE. Acquired by Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC).

Resonant logo

Resonant Medical - develops, manufactures and commercializes 3D ultrasound image-guided adaptive radiotherapy products. Acquired by Elekta AB (NORDIC: EKTAb).


Revolve Technologies Inc. - dry gas seals and magnetic bearings. Acquired by SKF Inc. (NASDAQ:SKFR). Acquired by Synthes-Stratec, Inc.

Salmedix, Inc. - Salmedix is an oncology drug development company with a commercial focus on the treatment of hematologic malignancies, or blood cancers. Acquired by Cephalon, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEPH).

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. - develops plant transgenics for production of pharmaceutical and cosmaceutical proteins. (TSX: SBS)

Serveron Corp. - provides leading edge smart grid solutions from the premise through the substation. Acquired by BPL Global, Ltd.

SFG Technologies Inc. - software systems for municipalities and power utilities. Acquired by Cayenta Inc.

Simba Technologies Inc. - database connectivity middleware enabling easy access to databases. Acquired by Pivotal Corp. (NASDAQ: PVTL, TSX: PVT).

Simware Inc. - internet-based Extranet solutions for the delivery chain, helping customers get outstanding ROI from distribution management systems, customer self-serve applications and call center alternatives. (NASDAQ: SIMW)

SiXtron Advanced Materials - based in Montreal, SiXtron is a developer of a proprietary process to produce SiC based thin films with unique anti-reflective and passivation properties, without the complex requirements of hazardous compressed gases.


Solarchem Environmental Systems - UV (ultra violet) & hydrogen peroxide water treatment systems. Acquired by Calgon Carbon Corp. (NYSE: CCC).

Spectrum Signal Processing - iDesigns sophisticated hardware & software solutions utilizing multiprocessing DSP systems in wireless systems, sensor systems and telecommunications. (NASDAQ: SSPI, TSX: SSY)

Statpower Technologies Corp. - electric power conversion products (DC to AC power inverters and smart battery chargers) for the Consumer, Lifestyle, and Industrial markets. Acquired by Xantrex Technology Inc.

StressGen Biotechnologies Corp. - prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. Their work capitalizes on the ability of stress proteins to activate the human immune system to fight disease. (TSX: SSB)

Synapse Technologies Inc. - development of an Alzheimer's diagnostic test and potential blood/brain drug delivery mechanism based on the p97 protein. Acquired by BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: BMRN).


Targetech Inc. - targeted drug delivery systems Acquired by Immune Response Corp. (NASDAQ: IMNR).

Telecite Inc. - Dynamic real-time passenger information systems for public mass transit and airport applications. Acquired by ALSTOM.

TimeSpring Software - A developer of continuous data protection (CDP) software. Acquired by Double-Take Software (NASDAQ: DBTK).

TIR Systems - A leader in the delivery of Solid State Lighting (SSL) solutions. Based on their groundbreaking LEXEL technology, their solutions will allow SSL to move to the forefront of mainstream lighting. Acquired by Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG, AEX: PHI).

Triversity Inc. - Point-of-interaction applications for physical and online retailers requiring completely integrated customer interaction solutions. Acquired by SAP (NYSE: SAP).

Viigo logo

Viigo - Viigo is a leading developer of mobile application software. The Viigo Platform not only offers an unparalleled mobile user experience, but provides companies with the fastest possible way to mobilize content. Acquired by Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM).


Wavefront Technologies Inc. - Computer graphics & animation software. Acquired by Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI).

Wavemakers Inc.Develops advanced software components that improve the accuracy of speech recognition systems operating in noisy environments. Acquired by Harman International (NYSE: HAR).


Westronic Inc. - Power grid & communications network remote monitoring systems. Acquired by Harris Corp. (NYSE: HRS).


Zeugma Systems - Zeugma Systems is a supplier of carrier-grade service delivery routers that allow broadband carriers to identify, monitor, and manage traffic flows. Acquired by Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB).