We are proud to include over 150 Canadian technology firms in our portfolio. Our current investees are listed below. See our Track Record to view our past investments.

Brief company descriptions are included. To learn more about our investees' businesses, please use the links provided to visit their corporate websites.

Alder Biopharmaceuticals

Alder Biopharmaceuticals - Alder uniquely identifies, develops, and manufactures novel antibody therapeutics to alleviate human suffering in the autoimmune and inflammatory disease areas.

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals - Aquinox is a privately-held pharmaceutical company developing targeted small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease.


AudienceView - AudienceView provides a fully integrated Ticketing, Customer Relationship Management, and Fundraising system with real-time reporting.

BPL Global

BPL Global - BPL s a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy and information delivery. The company provides software solutions and services to electric utilities enabling an intelligent grid to more efficiently manage demand, integrate distributed energy resources, improve service reliability, and optimize cost and capital productivity.

Celator Pharmaceuticals

Celator Pharmaceuticals - Celator is a private North American biopharmaceutical company developing new technology for targeting combinations of rationally selected chemotherapeutic agents to sites of disease.

Fresco Microchip

Fresco Microchip - Fresco is a fabless semiconductor company focused on leading edge RF, mixed-signal and digital signal processing architectures for consumer markets.


MacroGenics - MacroGenics is developing immune-based products including monoclonal antibodies to treat patients with cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergy, or infectious diseases and vaccines to prevent infections in healthy individuals.


NeurAxon - NeurAxon is an early stage research and discovery company dedicated to addressing the growing unmet medical need in the area of pain management.

Presidio Pharmaceuticals

Presidio Pharmaceuticals - Presidio is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing novel, small molecule compounds for the treatment of HIV-1, HCV and other chronic viral infections.

Silicor Materials

Silicor Materials - Silicor is a manufacturer of solar and aluminum products, including the leading high-quality, low-cost solar silicon. The company has silicon purification operations at the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Silicor Materials Canada Inc., located in Ontario, Canada; and a state-of-the-art research and development center in Berlin, Germany.

SWITCH Materials

SWITCH Materials - SWITCH develops and markets Smart Window applications based on its proprietary photochromic and electrochromic materials.

Xenon Pharmaceuticals

Xenon Pharmaceuticals - Xenon is a drug discovery company using clinical genetics and functional genomics.